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About us

The Res Law Firm offers comprehensive service to foreigners, including in the field of administrative and legal procedures related to the stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland. In addition, the company offers help, advice and mediation in dealing with all formalities and procedures regarding foreigners, both typical and individual matters.

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Our office provides legal assistance to employers in obtaining work permits for foreigners, assistance in legalizing the stay of employees from outside the European Union and legal advice


As an advisory office, we help in dealing with all official formalities related to stay in Poland: legalization of stay, obtaining work permits, and obtain Polish citizenship, getting an invitation for a foreigner, setting up a company and other formalities.

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Declaration of intention to entrust work to a foreigner B...
Current legal assistance
Appeals, complaints and complaints and all other plead...
Establishment of companies
Registration of companies in the National Court Regist...
Legalization of stay in Poland
Temporary residence permits Permanent residence permits ...


The services provided by our team of lawyers are always tailored to the specifics of the case and to the expectations of the clients in order to find the most effective solutions. We offer a wide range of services, using the most convenient and fastest forms of communication for clients.
Rafał Korasadowicz
Rafał Korasadowicz

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