The Res Law Firm

The Res Law Firm was established in 2005 – it was originally operated by the “Res” Bureau of Advisory Services and is one of the few focused exclusively on legal services for foreigners.

It offers comprehensive service to foreigners, including in the field of administrative and legal procedures related to the stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Complicated and unclear regulations, lengthy administrative proceedings and legal loopholes create difficulties for foreigners when dealing with even simple matters.

The Res Law Firm specializes in providing legal advice to foreigners, including the scope of its activities, cases of temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits and long-term resident stays of the EU, refugee status, tolerated stay and residence for humanitarian reasons. We also carry out procedures regarding work permits and declarations of intent to entrust work. We deal with the establishment and registration of companies, business registration, permits for the purchase of real estate by foreigners in Poland, as well as the issue of repatriation and Polish citizenship.

In addition, the company offers help, advice and mediation in dealing with all formalities and procedures regarding foreigners, both typical and individual matters.